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Why is Volunteering Important?

Dietetic internship directors want to see volunteer experience (and a lot of it!). Understanding the meaning behind it can be a great starting point for finding a volunteer opportunity that aligns with your passions and goals. Check it out!

🍃Like leadership, RD2BEs are constantly reminded that volunteer experience is quintessential to have as a student. It could range anywhere from volunteering through clubs on campus, non-profit organizations, and clinics. All have the potential of providing a great edge for you as a student.

❓But, why❓

🍃Especially with the upcoming 2024 changes, we understand that a lot of RD2BEs would much rather allocate their time toward paid experiences (and rightfully so!).

🍃However, even just dedicating a few hours a week to volunteer work can build up tremendously over time once you are applying for DICAS, jobs, etc.

💡Volunteering as an RD2BE can help you💡

✅Demonstrate initiative, good character, and your passion for helping a noble cause

✅Develop professional skills (public speaking, communication, leadership) in a less stressful environment

✅Promote networking and professional development

✅Cultivate a unique experience that fits your passions as a student

And the list continues‼

🍃Like finding leadership opportunities, don't try to snag every volunteer opportunity onto your plate just for the sake of making it "look good on your resume". That can easily promote burnout and an unsatisfied experience.

🚨Discover volunteer opportunities that you enjoy, bring you fulfillment, and promote spending time you want to spend towards it🚨

🍃These types of volunteer experiences will benefit you much more in the long run. You will have a higher chance of getting more in-depth references and meaningful experiences to add to resumes/applications.

💡A few examples of where you can volunteer include💡

🔘Your university's Student Dietetic Association (SDA) or any club

🔘Meals on Wheels

🔘Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Liaison

🔘Food Banks



💻Utilizing this summer to research, discover, and ask questions about new volunteer experiences is a great way to capitalize on your experience as a student.

❓What ways do you volunteer now❓



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