What is a RD2BE?

RD2BE is the acronym for "Registered Dietitian To-Be". It is shorthand for any pre-professionals aspiring to become a Registered Dietitian. Undergraduate, graduate, intern, second-career, you name it!​

What is the purpose of RD2BE: The Nutrition Student Resource?

RD2BE began with a goal to provide value to nutrition students through educating, empowering, and inspiring. Through professional development, resources, and weekly interviews with ​RDs, we aim to ensure students are able to confidently grow and develop into the profession as a dietitian. 

Mentorship Program

How is this program different from other mentorship programs?

The RD2BE Mentorship Program is a structured program that pairs a RD with a student over approx. 6 weeks with guided discussions. It is not an open-ended program/internship where the student works for the RD (although such an opportunity may arise after the program).

Who can be a student in the program?

Any undergraduate, graduate, or student pursuing a career in dietetics sitting for the RD exam. Dietetic interns may still find value in the program, however, some topics, such as 'Volunteering and Extracurriculars" may be less relevant.

Who can be a mentor in the program?​

Any Registered Dietitian that holds the credential. No minimum years of experience are required. Even the newest RD has a unique value to provide to students!

How many spaces are available in the program?

The number of spaces is determined by the number of mentors that sign up each semester. If we surpass more students than mentors, then students will be randomly selected to promote fairness and equal opportunity. We provide an alternative program for any students not paired with a mentor.

How long is the program?​

The program is approximately 6 weeks and includes 5 1-on-1 meetings with a mentor and 5 virtual group presentations with all participants.

Can I reapply next semester if I did not make it at this time?​



How can I get in touch?

The most efficient way to contact us is via text. Texts go straight to our phone. Alternative ways include reaching out through the contact form on the bottom of the Home Page. This is the 21st century, head over to About Us and you should be able to find half a dozen ways to contact us ;)

I'd like to be a guest on the RD2BE Podcast, who do I need to speak to?​

See above, just let us know that you're interested in being on the podcast.

I have other questions that weren't answered here.​

You guessed it.... see above and ask whatever you'd like!