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How to Find Meaningful Extracurriculars as an RD2BE

Many dietetics students know how competitive it is to get matched to a dietetic internship or first job. So they get this pressure to stand out as much as possible. It makes sense, then, to say yes to every opportunity placed in front of you to enhance your resume as much as possible.


While it is important to get involved as a student, your health is equally as important! If you say yes to every single opportunity in your path, you can easily see them all pile-up. On top of being a student, it can get overwhelming very quickly.

That's why we think it is best to find intention with the extracurriculars and opportunities you pursue. Dietetics students can be in very different stages of this topic. Some may be struggling to find one, while some are drowning in 5+ activities they said yes to at the beginning of the semester. No matter where you are, you can take action now to ensure you have a fun AND fulfilling experience building up to that DICAS and job application.


1. What brings you joy?

I know, it might seem like a loaded question. A good way to reflect on it is through experimentation and writing different things down, but that's okay! It is good to reflect on your past experiences and see what brought you the most fulfillment. Or write a list of things you want to do on campus that you can try out for a semester (i.e. starting an initiative like a food drive or club, trying an on-campus job, pursuing a leadership role in a club).

No matter where you are, discovering what brings you joy as an RD2BE can be a great way to discover opportunities that enhance not only your resume but your life as well. Sometimes that discovery comes from trying new things!

2. Analyze your current resources

How big is your university? Do they have a lot of clubs you can join in the fall, or do they not have enough? Should you make your own club or initiative? Are you currently working a job? How can you use that to your advantage?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when seeking fulfillment in extracurriculars. Analyzing the current resources at your disposal is a great way to zero in on what you can pursue to bring meaning. It can also let you account for how much time you have or don't have when adding new things to your plate.

3. Like Nike, just do it!

A lot of RD2BEs are Type A and very big on planning, organization, and preparation. Whether it is trying to plan and research the best extracurricular to try or an already established leader trying to plan events/activities, we see a lot of students stuck in the planning phase.

Planning, organization, and preparation are not at all bad. These are great skills! When it comes to finding a meaningful extracurricular, it can be found in that gray area between analyzing and action. Just like taking action to get involved with every opportunity that comes your way, it can be just as debilitating to analyze and plan every opportunity you want without doing anything.


Use the summer to your advantage!

Whether it'll be through reflection, planning, or trying new things, use the summer to find meaningful extracurriculars. If you already have a lot of extracurriculars on your plate, assess them and make sure they are bringing you joy or fulfillment. If they aren't, how can you make them fulfilling?

We hope this inspired you or allowed your gears to start turning. Check out other parts of our website for more opportunities, resources, and networking!


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