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Why is Leadership Experience Important?

When applying for DICAS, you hear countless times the importance of having leadership experience on that resume. Why is that? Find out here!

🍃As an RD2BE, you hear loads of different people and resources emphasizing the importance of pursuing leadership positions as a student.

🍃Whether it's with your university's Student Dietetic Association (SDA), jobs, or other extracurriculars, learning the skills accompanied by being a leader is incredibly beneficial as a dietetic student.

❓But, why❓

🍃Even if you do not intend to start your own private practice, manage a hospital, or direct giant nutrition corporations, the fundamental skills of being a leader are transferable to any role in the dietetics profession.

🍃Leadership skills as an RD2BE and RD allow you to:

✔️Promote nutrition education effectively

✔️Build your brand

✔️Communicate to clients and coworkers

✔️Set goals and aspirations

🍃The list goes on! And don't feel like you have to pursue a leadership position just to check that box on your resume and DICAS application.

❗️Join extracurriculars and fulfill roles that bring you joy and fulfillment❗️It's okay to start small! You miss 100% of the shots you don't take and it applies perfectly to getting involved as an RD2BE.

🍃A few examples of where you can find leadership roles could be:

💡Executive Board of SDA** or any university club

💡Meals on Wheels

💡Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Liaison

💡Foodservice (restaurants, dining hall)

💡Student Recreation Centers

**If you are currently in an Executive position for your SDA, visit to find out how you can enhance your experience

🍃And again, the list goes on! This summer, what ways are you planning to get involved for the upcoming year❓

🎧p.s. listen to our podcast (The RD2BE Podcast) to learn about how successful dietitians sought out leadership roles as students🎧


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