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DDPG Patient Handouts Contest 2023

The Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group (DDPG) invites all nutrition/dietetic program students to participate in the DDPG Patient Handouts Contest 2023. All dietetic students who are currently enrolled in an ACEND accredited program are invited to create a handout on basic diabetes education/nutrition therapy. Submitted handouts will be judged by five professional members and the students with the top three handouts will receive an educational stipend and their handout will be published on the DDPG website for use by dietitians and other diabetes professionals all over the world.

Deadline for submissions:

· April 30th, 2023, 11:59pm (EST), 10:59 pm (CST), 9:59 pm (MST), 8:59 pm (PST)


  • Handouts should be at a 6th grade reading level

  • Keep sentences short

  • Resource to help with readability:

  • Sources must be cited and references must be from reliable/reputable sources.

  • Examples of reliable sources: peer-reviewed literature, well-recognized professional organizations (e.g. American Diabetes Association)

  • Examples of unreliable sources: WebMD, Wikipedia, Healthline, blogs, personal websites, etc.

  • Handouts should be engaging to the public in both content and readability

  • Please use Google Docs.

  • While visually appealing handouts will increase competitiveness, selected handouts will be modified to be visually consistent with other handouts provided by the DDPG.

Here are some handout examples already published by the DDPG:

Reviewing Criteria:

Reviewed by a team of five professional members. All handouts will be evaluated on the following criteria. Including but not limited to:

  • Accuracy of content

  • Relevance of topic and associated information

  • Organization of the content

  • Usability for educators and patients

Handout topic examples:

  • Differences between Type 1, 2 and gestational diabetes

  • Sources of carbohydrates and the difference between refined and whole grain carbs

  • Pairing carbs and proteins

  • Impact of dietary fiber on blood glucose

  • Diabetes meal planning for various cultures

  • Other trending diabetes-related topics

How to submit your handout:

  • All handouts must be submitted to our Student Liaison Chair, Matthew Jaime, RD, CNSC at:

  • All handouts must be submitted as a Google Doc

  • All handouts must be submitted by the deadline below

  • There is no limit to how many handouts one student can submit


  • The top scoring handout will receive a $1,000 educational stipend

  • The next two runner ups will receive a $500 educational stipend each

The first 25 students to submit a qualifying handout will receive an Academy student membership and a DDPG student membership for the 2023-2024 year.

**Selected winners will have their student status verified prior to dispersal of awards**


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