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National Nutrition Month®: Beyond the Table

Since 1973, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has celebrated National Nutrition Month every March. This campaign aims to educate and promote healthy eating habits.

This year’s theme, "Beyond the Table," delves into various aspects of food production, distribution, and consumption. From farm to fork, it's a journey involving farmers, distributors, and markets, all working together to bring us the safe , delicious ingredients. From meals on the go to school lunches and sporting events, the theme highlights the importance of sustainable practices, reducing food waste and food safety.

Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate NNM this year:

  • Invite a chef, farmer, or cookbook author to speak to your student nutrition association.

  • Organize a National Nutrition Month presentation on campus or at work.

  • Conduct a food donation campaign for a local food bank or shelter.

  • Utilize social media to engage and educate your peers.

  • Host a virtual cooking demonstration featuring an easy and budget-friendly recipe.

  • Organize a virtual supermarket tour to educate others on label reading and healthy food choices.

  • Provide resources on reducing food waste and proper food storage.

Here are some examples of resources you can download and use if you are a member of the Academy. Click here for more resources from activities to presentations. Available in multiple languages.

NNM_Healthy Eating on the Run_English
Download PDF • 538KB

NNM_Eating Right on a Budget_English
Download PDF • 568KB

NNM_20 Health Tips_English
Download PDF • 776KB

Bottom line

National Nutrition Month presents a great opportunity for nutrition students to actively engage with their communities, advocating for evidence-based nutrition knowledge while raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating habits.



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