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FREE Certificates to Enhance Your Resume as an RD2BE

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Did the pandemic set back your plans for professional development? Are you a second career RD2BE looking to enhance their resume? No matter the reason, these free certificate courses can be a great way of enriching your knowledge and CV as an RD2BE!

What exactly are these certificates?

The list you'll find below is just a small compilation of various free curriculums and certifications you can complete entirely online as a student. They all pertain to the dietetics field (whether directly or indirectly) and can also offer a great starting point for looking deeper into free certificates! These programs can take anywhere from weeks to months to complete.

Why would I want to take one of these courses?

There are so many reasons! It depends on your personal situation, passions, and background to have you interested in taking one of these free certifications.

The most obvious one is a resume booster. Especially if you want something affordable and flexible, these are great ways to add that extra kick to help you stand out. Another reason is they cover certain topics that aren't traditionally covered in a classroom setting. It can be used to open your mind into certain fields of dietetics or learn something can be applied to your future career as a dietitian.

However you look at it, these free certificates can offer a lot of RD2BEs.

An important note about some of these certificates is that they may require you pay a "certificate fee" to receive a downloadable copy of your certificate for the course. We recommend doing research into the different programs to see what works best for you. The content and curriculum of all the links below, however, are completely free to access and only require creating an account at most.

Bring on the list!

To keep it as organized as possible, we are going to provide direct links to each respective site so you can look in-depth into what specifically interests you. Good luck and have fun! Learning awaits.


Stanford University Online

University of Colorado - Boulder

Emory University

UCI Division of Continuing Education

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Sustainable Food Systems (6 different topics)

Food Losses and Waste (4 different topics)

Food Safety (3 different topics)




Our goal is to increase the accessibility of free resources to RD2BEs whether they are through our own programs or others. We hope that these certificates aid in your journey towards the RD credential. No matter the stage you are in, we are proud to see you researching and looking into ways to elevate your experience as a student. It is just as rich as the time you will eventually have as a dietitian.

For additional free resources and opportunities, check out our programs and our podcast.



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