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Start Strong

Happy New Semester RD2BE's! Here are some helpful tips to start and finish the semester strong.

Review Syllabi

  • Be prepared for each class and its projects, assignments and due dates by reviewing the syllabus early.

  • Mark important dates in your calendar, so you aren’t blindsided by an exam or assignment.

Create a Study Schedule

  • Plan out study times by assigning chunks of time for each course.

  • Prioritize subjects that are more challenging.

Set Clear Goals

  • Define specific goals you want to achieve this semester.

  • Break each goal down into manageable steps.

Stay Organized

  • If you don’t already, use a planner or task manager, like Google Notes, to keep track of assignments and exams.

  • Avoid procrastination by breaking down large assignments into smaller pieces.

The Bottom Line

Find a balance between academic commitments and personal life. Do not work yourself to exhaustion, prioritize self-care, break large tasks into smaller pieces, and stay organized.




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